Hungary is a medium-sized country in the Carpathian basin, with almost ten million inhabitants. It has a statehood of more than a thousand and one hundred years, and is a member state of the European Union since 2004.

The country has given the world many well-known inventors, scientists, explorers, composers and athletes. In addition, Hungary has more Nobel Prize winners per capita than any other nation.

Hungary is proudly placed 8th both in the all-time Olympic medal table and in that of the FINA World Championships, while it ranks 5th in the European Championships (aquatics), despite being the world’s 108th country as far as its size is concerned, and the 84th in terms of its population.


Budapest is the capital and the largest city of Hungary, a metropolis which leaves the visitor thirsting for more. It has the largest thermal water system in the world, the first underground on the European continent had been built in Budapest more than a 120 years ago. The Buda Castle Hill, with the 700-year-old Matthias Church, the Royal Palace and the Fishermen’s Bastion, is among the most charming World Heritage Sites, from where one can look down at the downtown and the Danube River, with her many bridges, among them the beautiful Chain Bridge – the first one throughout the history to permanently connect Buda and Pest.

Regarding the topic of water, the city’s number one reference is the Danube River, which splits the city into the hilly Buda and the flat Pest. Besides, Budapest is a city of spas, with a unique composition and temperature of the waters, where visitors can reinvigorate in one the 19 different thermal baths, including classical and even Turkish spas.

The city already hosted many aquatic events, like for instance the first edition of the European Swimming, Diving, Synchronised Swimming and Water Polo Championships back in 1926, which was later followed by numerous other continental aquatics championships in 1958, 2006, 2010, 2014 and in 2021. The FINA World Championships was first held in Budapest in 2017 (while the open water competitions took place in Balatonfüred), then this very same event returned to Budapest in 2022 when the organizers simply made a miracle by staging the World Championships with a preparation time of less than 4 months! As far as the future is concerned under the name brand name, the World Aquatics Swimming Championships (25m) will be held in December 2024 in Hungary’s capital city and exactly 10 years after the first FINA Worlds Budapest will be the host of yet another World Aquatics World Championships in 2027!


Completed in a record-breaking two years’ time, Budapest’s new wonder, the Duna Arena served as the main venue of the 17th FINA World Championships. The complex features two Olympic-size pools – the competition pool is 3m deep, while the depth of the warm-up pool can be set according to the needs.

During the 2017 FINA World Championships by using temporary but indoor stands it could accommodate more than 12,000 spectators as well as cater to all demands of any large-scale event. Applying the latest development is all areas, this magnificent building has become a great home of each aquatic discipline and can host a series of international events.

Even though it offers 5,000 seats in legacy mode – as of today –, it can be re-enlarged within months if another major showcase visits the city.

After “the best ever” FINA World Championships and the reconstruction of the building into legacy mood, Duna Arena already staged a handful of major events, including the 5th leg of the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series, the FINA World Junior Artistic Swimming Championships, the men’s FINA Water Polo World League Super Final, then in 2019 the FINA Champions Swim Series and the FINA World Junior Swimming Championships.


At this great aquatics sight we welcomed the best European athletes for the 2020 LEN European Championships (in May 2021) just before the Tokyo Games. Moreover Duna Arena became the main venue of the extraordinary FINA World Championships in 2022, which was prepared in a world record time be the organizers.


The FINA Swimming World Cup, which was first held in Budapest in 2018 returns to DUNA ARÉNA, this time already under a new name and with a brand new concept. We look forward to welcoming you between 20-22nd October in 2023 as well at the World Aquatics Swimming World Cup.